It all starts on the field. Whether it's soccer, football, or basketball: the one thing you can be sure of is that eventually a player will end up hurt.

A high school basketball team has made it to the playoffs. The game is close and the time on the clock is running low. Jimmy, the coach's son gets hold on the ball and makes a break for the other side of the court. As he closes in for a shot, he is knocked to the floor, face first. His teammates encourage him to stay in the game but his father, the coach in unsure, and there is nobody on site who is able to immediatly make a diagnosis. The coach pulls out his smart phone and opens his heathcare providor's BlockMRS application. Using the app he is able to quickly enter symptoms his son is exhibiting and the app recommends for him to call an ambulance. The symptoms are the easily shared with the hospital so that his son can get the care that he needs.

Unlike professional leagues, high school sports suffer from a defecit of doctors on the field and ready in the event of injury. BlockMRS, our solution to help people like Jimmy, improves medical outcomes through an innovative recording, storage, and sharing system backed by today's latest technologies.

For the individual, BlockMRS provides a well needed upgrade to our medical records system with regards to privacy and control over one's data. From only sharing the information needed and that your are comfortable with, BlockMRS enables the user to retake control of their data. BlockMRS improves the medical experience for the comsumers, with less forms to fill out, improved outcomes, and more time spent focusing on your health.

Our InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) based storage backend makes use of the latest technology to create a secure, private, and decetralized system to storing and sharing medical data. Each update to a user's medical history is encrypted with a new randomly generated public key and upload to the IPFS network. Then, through our blockchain-based key sharing system, the user can delegate exactly who should have acces to this data, whether it's their general practicioner, the hospital, or a loved one.

How we built it

This is a Python 3 application built on the TurboGears web framework, IPFS, and a custom blockchain implementation which takes advantage of a Python cryptography library.

Challenges we ran into

  • Nonexistent documentation in various libraries
  • Designing the protocol for data security and privacy

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • The BlockMRS protocol is robust, secure, and modular.
  • We utilized IPFS, an emerging technology which will revolutionize the fabric of the Internet.
  • We built it in less than 19 hours!

What we learned

We learned how to use IPFS, asymetric cryptography, and blockchain technology.

What's next for BlockMRS

BlockMRS is a sample application that implements the BlockMRS Protocol. This means that it can easily be expanded, and alternative applications can be created which implement the same protocol.

For example, mobile applications which notify users to share their data with the doctor when they arrive at the doctors office can be built on top of the protocol.

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