A large number of patients who need prescription medicine are often physically unable to go the the chemist themselves. These people have no way to get their prescription medicine because prescription medicine isn't available online because pharmacies aren't able to verify prescriptions unless it is in person.

What it does

BlockMeds provides a way to verify the authenticity of prescriptions by leveraging the capabilities of the Ethereum blockchain. Doctors are able to prescribe prescriptions to patients by generating an custom token which contains the details of the prescription that a pharmacist can then receive and deliver the medicine to the immobile patient at home. Since these tokens can only be created by doctors and they can't be replicated, patients are able to verify their prescription to a pharmacist without having to physically go to the pharmacy. This has the advantage over physical prescriptions on paper which can be forged and pharmacists can't reliable determine the authenticity of them.

The smart contract is currently deployed on the ropsten test network at 0x6e6DB4F6358360872AdA68EeA2c61FCaF9d1Eed5

How we built it

BlockMeds was made by creating a smart contract on the Ethereum blockchain using Solidity. The smart contract keeps track of all doctor and pharmacy addresses, allowing doctors to create prescriptions, and pharmacists to mark them as fulfilled. Patients are given their patiendID and their prescriptionID which allows them to view their prescriptions.

Challenges we ran into

We had a tough time designing the process flow between the Doctor, Patient, and Pharmacist but have arrived at a situation that we are happy with.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of creating a solution for people who are in difficult situations where they cannot acquire their often life-saving medicine.

What's next for BlockMeds

The technology behind BlockMeds can be applied to a variety of other scenarios, not just prescriptions, so that authentication can be provided for sensitive products which allows online vendors to sell these products.

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