Situations when I had to talk with a coworker and when I go back to my machine I figure out that someone access my mail box and send a beautiful love message to my boss

What it does

Create a option to register a typing pattern in TypingDNA platform.

And after 20 seconds of iddle, check current pattern in TypingDNA to check if DNA match, if not, just block current user.

How I built it

Using a Windows Form app, check key events and send this data to a rendered JS TypingDNA Recorder

Challenges I ran into

Try to translate TypingDNARecorder from Java to C#, unfurtunally, I shouldn't got a good result.

So, get a good engine to render TypingDNARecorder JS in C#.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Way to record key events and send it to JS

What I learned

How TypingDNARecorder works

What's next for BlockMe

Use a future TypingDNARecorder made in C# (hope then TypingDNA create a client made in C#) to avoid delays between key events and processing and avoid random fatal errors that crash application.

Built With

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