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BlockID powered by Blocky


Over the past several years there has been an ongoing debate over where the lines of a users privacy start and stop in regards to governments, businesses and even the user themselves. The power of the blockchain is the perfect application to create a decentralized network in which all users have equal power and benefits.

The Problem

We live in a world where knowledge is power. Simply accessing the internet puts the everyday consumer at the center of a marketing, advertising, and research campaign to harvest their personal information for monetary gain. These companies are in a position to take advantage of consumers by profiting off of the information they have been trusted to keep private.

Recently governments have started taking steps against this problem https://www.nytimes.com/2018/06/28/technology/california-online-privacy-law.html

blockID will supplement this push for the greater good

The Solution

BlockID wants to separate the unknown from this equation. By creating a blockchain consisting of regulators, consumers, and set contracts the consumer can monetize on the distribution of their information from the comfort of your couch. Companies and Auditors can quickly build secure portfolios of consumer information that the individual can choose to sell in exchange for part of the profits made from their identity.

What it does

This project is broken down into primary service and a secondary web app for demonstration purposes. Blocky (the primary service, powered by hyperledger) -a blockchain service to be implemented in order to create a blockchain that secures and monetizes user data Enforce tech laws

How I built it

I used Hyperledger composer, fabric, and playground for the backend and then used react for the front end services

Challenges I ran into

I have no skills in front-end application skills... I am learning React now... pls pity me :D

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

it works!

What I learned

I am not good at frontend (I think I knew this beforehand)

What's next for blockID

If people enjoy this blockchain idea even more than maybe I can submit it as an open GitHub project and get enough support that companies would like to use it.

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