The blockchain technology has many use cases and has demonstrated its power in a wide range of disciplines. As a team, we intend to explore its utility in the healthcare industry. We therefore dedicated to developing a blockchain and analysis platform for documenting vaccination records.

What it does

Vatican is a blockchain-driven application that keeps track of individuals' vaccine immunization and related health records. As an add-on feature, Vatican leverages a deep learning-based engine for recommending future vaccinations based on patient demographics.

How we built it

  • Start with the back-end: blockchain and databases
  • Then move on to front end web development and user interface
  • Add-on feature: deep learning for recommending flu shot based on patient demographic

Challenges we ran into

  • Brainstorming the most appropriate (mariadb in PyCharm IDE)
  • Software version control and management

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Our innovation of bridging together blockchain technology with deep learning predictive analytics
  • Our teamwork, which we believe to be excellent

What we learned

  • A blockchain application is a multifaceted piece of software and requires input from multiple domains of expertise
  • Strong teamwork facilitates development and application of the blockchain technology

What's next for vatican

  • More fully integrated databases
  • Improved predictive power of deep learning recommendation engine
  • APIs connecting to other programming languages
  • Expand the use cases of Blockchain technology to other areas of healthcare
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