We want to provide a decentralized reward aggregation system that benefits both consumers and businesses that prides itself on security and transparency.

What it does

Levels is a decentralized application that generates rewards passes for restaurants, stores, and other places that consumers frequent. These reward passes, which we call LevelPass, act as NFTs and evolve over time as the consumer uses our application more, leading to bigger and better rewards. Users would get NFT rewards, such as unique coupons, artwork, and other rewards for doing what a regular consumer would do.

Because Levels is a decentralized application (DAPP), all transactions would be through the Ethereum network using Ether. Because of its decentralized nature, Levels protects and uplifts all business, whether big or small. Our customized smart contracts allow for utmost transparency and security, and our app makes it extremely easy.

As the user’s tastes evolve, rewards evolve as well, utilizing machine learning to generate new and better rewards based on the user preferences. But, tastes tend to be fleeting, and we made sure to address this. As an NFT, a user’s unique LevelPass AND rewards are tradable on decentralized marketplaces, so the more you use our application, the better rewards you get, and the more valuable a LevelPass becomes, therefore incentivizing consumers to consume more, which supports businesses and builds stronger communities.

How we built it

Our entire tech stack relies on the idea of smart contracts, which give us a way to interact with the Ethereum chain. For our DAPP (decentralized application), we defined two smart contracts that extend the ERC721 (non-fungible token) standard, allowing us to define a reward NFT and a LevelPass NFT. On top of this blockchain logic lies our backend, which was built in Flask. Our frontend is built with ReactJS.

Our smart contract addresses are here:

Reward: 0xD302e164E68e7B6c1B0894e1013EF32E1550E0Af LevelPass: 0xac2727722B367d045165aB01221D217c26700610

Challenges we ran into

This was our first experience with blockchain and DAPPs, and it took some time to understand the Ethereum platform and how to integrate blockchain technology into our application. In addition, this is our first experience using ReactJS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were actually able to deploy our smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain and we were able to interact with those contracts through transactions. In addition, we built an interactive frontend in ReactJS.

What we learned

React, Ethereum, Solidity, Blockchain Technology, Flask

What's next for Levels

We would like to finish our backend blockchain technology and implement a recommendation system with machine learning.

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