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BlockFund's mission is to build a platform to empower communities with tools and data. We aim to improve outcomes in community civic engagement and community sustainability.

How we do so, BlockFund:

  1. Democratises community funds through blockchain and voting technology - allowing community members to submit their own project proposals and vote.
  2. Highlights the need for community environment sustainability projects through identifying local areas lacking in tree foliage. Importantly, we educate the community through a narrative in an ArcGIS StoryMap. Image processing and deep learning science enables the identification of even smallest tree's foliage. TeamTreesMini
  3. Aids potential new residents-to-be and migrants in looking for home (and community) that fits their unique culture heritage, beliefs and diversity needs, through outlining demographic breakdowns, religious institutions, and ammenities. Also educating the importance and factors to consider through a narrative in an ArcGIS StoryMap.

1. Democratises community funds through blockchain and voting technology In the US, Homeowner Associations (HOA) are the main medium in which residents members pay community upkeep fees to maintain grounds, master insurance, community utilities, as well as overall community finances. Financial Transparency varies between HOAs, but often they only reflect past fund usage and the choices of a few representative members. We sought a solution that democratises the funding of projects process – allowing residents to contribute and vote for projects that actually matter to them. It's easy for community minorities to go unheard, so our voting system helps to account for that. We adjust and increase the voting weight of residents whose vote has not funded a successful project after a few attempts – thus improving the representation of minorities in any community.

2. Highlights the need for environment sustainability projects #TeamTreesMini Additionally, we empower communities to engage in green urban planning. We mimic #TeamTrees on a communal scale. Climate change is an increasingly prevalent topic, and we believe illustrating the dangers in your backyard is an excellent way to encourage local action. Our StoryMap solution maps the green foliage coverage in your neighbourhood. Then, we empower the community in proposing projects on the platform to fund tree planting in each home and in common areas.

3. Your home, why Cultural Fit and Diversity matters After a community profile is made, we also assist new members in choosing a community aligned with their cultural, religious and diversity interests. When one of our members moved to a different and largely skewed racial group neighbourhood, he faced both explicit and subtle racism growing up. Home seekers already take demographics into consideration, and our solution empowers aids home seekers in making a more informed decision from a cultural perspective. It also can support urban planning for community planners. We map diversity index scores, demographic data (generational and race), and the religious institutions and ammenities – aiding new home seekers in choosing their home.

The proverb "Birds of a feather flock together" describes how those of similar taste congregate in groups. However, in our world today, the importance of diversity and exposing oneself to different opinions and people is crucial to thrive in the workforce.

Diversity is having a seat at the table. Inclusion is having a voice. And belonging is having that voice be heard. - Liz Fosslien

BlockFund believes that more than just price or transport convenience – diversity, belonging, and inclusion are key concepts in choosing a place to live.

BlockFund is a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), that pools community funds, engage the community, and allow transparent voting for projects.

How we built it

We built and deployed the Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) smartcontract on two EVM-based blockchain: Rinkeby (Testnet) and xDAI.

We use AlchemyAPI as a node endpoint for our Rinkeby deployment for better data availability and consistency, while our xDAI deployment uses POA's official community node.

We deployed a React.js frontend for quick delivery of our application, leveraging Axios to asynchronously communicate with external libraries, OpenAPI to provide an intuitive Q&A feature promoting universal proposal comprehension, and Ant.Design/Sal for a modern, sleek, and animated user interface.

We use ethers.js to perform communication blockchain nodes, and it supports two main cryptocurrency wallets:

Burner wallet (our homebrew in-browser wallet made for easy user onboarding) Metamask (a popular web3-enabled wallet for those who wants better security)

On top of that, our Community Learning Kits are made using ESRI ArcGIS storyboards for highly visual storytelling of geographic data.

Last but not least, we use Hardhat for smartcontract deployment automation.

Here are some other technologies we used:

For blockchain:

  • Ethereum
  • Solidity
  • Hardhat

For front-end client:

  • React.js (+ Hooks + Router)
  • Axios — asynchronous communication with OpenAPI
  • OpenAI GPT-3 — intuitive Q&A feature for universal proposal comprehension
  • Sal — sleek animations
  • Ant.Design — modern user interface system

For mapping:

  • ArcGIS WebMap
  • ArcGIS StoryMap
  • ArcGIS-Rest-API
  • Custom Functions


  • 2010 US Census Data
  • 2018 US Census Data
  • Pima AZ Foliage Data

Challenges we ran into

Our main challenge was in integrating ArcGIS API's in limited timeframe. As it was a new technology for us, we really had to crunch our brainpower.

On top of that, deploying a fully working website for other people to try takes a lot of effort to make sure that all of the integrations are also working beyond localhost.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • We have a live website!
  • We launched to two different blockchains: xDAI and Rinkeby.
  • React state management!

What we learned

  • We learned that working remotely with colleagues from 4 different timezones is challenging.
  • Good React state management practices will safe a lot of time.

What's next for BlockFund

  • Explore ways how we can work with local communities to deploy this.
  • Run more DAO experiments in smaller scope (family, small neighborhood, etc)

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