If you're looking for help moving furniture, painting your house, or even data classification, look no further than Blocked Tasks!

What it does

Blocked Tasks is a two way marketplace where Job Posters can post a new job (eg, "I need help for 30 minutes to move furniture and will pay 0.01 ETH"), and where a Job Consumer can sign up to complete the task.

A job posting is an individual smart contract on the Ethereum block chain. A Job Listing smart contract tracks all of these job postings so Job Consumers can view all the available jobs (to be built).

Upon completion of the task, the Job Poster marks the job as done and the Job Consumer gets paid.

How I built it

We decided to build the entire system on the Blockchain, and not use any external servers or databases. The site is hosted on Github pages. We use web3 and MetaMask

Challenges I ran into

Learning Solidity for the first time took waaay longer than we anticipated. Remix is a great tool but there is a steep learning curve.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Getting a contract to be created and having the money get paid out.

What I learned

Solidity is not Javascript.

What's next for Blocked Tasks

Adding a Job Listing directory, which is another smart contract that gets updated with new jobs. Adding reputation (tied to the wallet address) for all parties, Job Posters and Job Consumers.

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