NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang thinks the technology to make series of interlinked, persistent virtual worlds with self-contained economies is on our doorstep. Speaking at the virtual Computex conference, Huang said that he “believe(s) we’re right on the cusp of” the Metaverse and spoke glowingly of its potential — going as far as to say that users will one day use metaverses to “simulate the future.”

What it does

Our software engineer team helps to quickly launch blockchain-based NFT games/projects and own branded multichain NFT marketplaces in a few days. We help companies save tons of time and money. Our NFT SaaS solution makes it easier to start new products and services.

How we built it

We left full-time work to devote ourselves to the project.

Challenges we ran into

Our NFT Marketplace Editor gives full freedom to create a personal branded NFT marketplace with a back-office for handling items and deals. Customers can also use our simple API to integrate it with their brand, product, or ecosystem such as coming game titles, or even existing games that already have players.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Here is a related project with a partner game development team ( A game that will be released on PC, powered by the Unity engine: a metauniverse with NFT lands and animals, which can be traded in the NFT marketplace based on our NFT Market Maker platform. The Unit game server uses our platform API to communicate with the blockchain (mint NFT plots and check land ownership) and work with the inbuilt player's account system. The video shows the process of registering an account on the marketplace, the process of a player's login to a computer game with the same account, moving around the test map, the process of buying land through the marketplace.

Walking "world intro":

Registration in Marketplace + Unity Game Client:

What we learned

We knew how to program, so the business plan was a novelty for us.|

What's next for BlockCzech R&D Lab | NFT SaaS for GameDev


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