Around 2009, I experienced Minecraft for the very first time. An open canvas to anything my imagination could conceive. It was my limitless version of the Sims. I spent countless hours mining and crafting; shaping a better world each and every day. That is the promise of the Ethereum Network. Unlimited imagination; infinite potential; ready to help shape the world for the better.

What it does

BLOCKCRAFT is the world’s first, collaborative content-crafting campaign platform; powered entirely by the Ethereum network. We believe that art can change the world and that collaborative craft can help shape a better planet. BLOCKCRAFT allows anyone the ability to start a new campaign. Campaigns create a blank canvas which enables users across the web to purchase the right to place pixels on the digital canvas.

Pixel placement is in real-time with the entire net. Anyone can place, override, or erase any pixel at any time. In the end, the total ether collected from the BLOCKCRAFT collaboration is transferred to the campaign host; and collaborators get to be a part of a digital art revolution.

A Canvas can be started for fundraisers, charity events, corporate PR efforts, public work projects, and so much more. When we all share, we all care.

How we built it

We split our dev team and had one use the truffle tooling to build our UI with React while the other dev primarily focused on Solidity and Web 3.0 to build the smart contracts.

Challenges we ran into

Our programmers had come from an Object Oriented Programming shop with no previous experience within the Ethereum platform space. Learning the syntax and nuances of Solidity was also a large challenge for our team. The entire tooling ecosystem was also a challenge to setup and understand. This required a lot of pre-learning prior to even entering the Hackathon convention center doors.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We feel like we have actually come out of this weekend with a reasonably good understanding of how Ethereum and blockchain in general work and what its possibilities are.

What we learned

Tooling, environment setups, Solidity, the great framework around the Ethereum platform via all the companies we met this weekend.

What's next for BLOCKCRAFT

A canvas marketplace, auction pricing via popularity heat mapping, better editing tools, canvas preferences (sizes, start date, end date, pixel price, etc.), and more!

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