Everybody now lives comfortable with thought that technology can change our life drastically. First were horses replaced with cars, then pigeons with internet. Now its' the time of coins.

We want everybody to pay comfortably without any 3rd party, as easy as you pay with cash, and maybe even more. What if you can pay not only to people but to real peaces of physical world?

What it does

We implement a universal architecture that uses blockchain for payments, raspberry pi for hardware interactions, and Android app for human interactions.

Use cases: you are in a restaurant, waiter comes to give you a receipt, and he composes it on his phone. Then he publishes it to blockchain to make available to pay for everyone. Then you open client part of the app and see a map of all available receipts. Just choose one and touch "Pay" - transaction will be sent and payee will receive the money.

The same usecase, but with hardware: you come to airbnb's fellow home, and open the map, select device you want to pay to, and send the money. Of course owner can save on blockchain place details and availability dates, so you can view it.

How I built it

We used Raspberry Pi Zero, and Android, NodeJs for helper services.

Challenges I ran into

Bluetooth on raspbery is a really messy thing. You think it works, then it don't

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Thats the firs time i've coded entirely over ssh: one session on remote server and another for raspberry, yet another for docker. I've had 3 tmux panes in each of 3 tabs of terminal window. Tricky, huh?

What I learned

Do not waste your time on cool stuff, if it's coolness is not crucial in your goal. Because achieve goals is more awesome than using cools stuffo other fellas did

What's next for BlockchainOfThings

More features and cool design!

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