Charity lottery service

The Idea

There’s a lot of people in the world, who needs help, and there are some who are willing to offer this help. However, people are often hesitant to donate to charity funds - they are not sure about where their money would go.

The idea of the product is to provide blockchain lottery service for charity funds around the world, making their work more public, transparent and feasible for their backers and simply everyone. We want to encourage blockchain community to help the struggle with social inequality and bring goodness to those who need it the most.

Key Features

  • Participate in lotteries by buying tickets for ETH
  • Wallet-agnostic: use any ETH wallet of your choice
  • Create lotteries with individual parameters: reward amount and amount of ETH that goes to charity
  • Full transparency - every transaction can be seen by everyone
  • Remarkable design

Built With

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