We've been working with blockchains a lot recently, and looking at the hackathon challenges and sponsors, we thought that we should come up with a way that uses cryptocurrency security to help with bank management.

What it does

Clients use bank website to normally make a transaction. Transaction are encrypted using the client's personal key. The bank sends encrypted transaction to all miners. Miners will store transaction directly on their block chain. block size is still > 1 transaction. On a web application, clients can view the entire encrypted block chain. using flash drive authentication. Upon visiting the web application, the bank server fetches block chains from all miners, and decides what the true block chain is. Ideally, the bank would do background checks on and pay miners.

How we built it

There are 3 applications: a miner application to store back up transactions, a bank server to interface with transactions and send them to miners. Server also connects to the client application which allows clients to use flash drive authentication and view all transactions on the block chain that relate to them.

Challenges we ran into

web application accessing flash drive. Networking can be annoying.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

flash drive implementation

What we learned

What's next for BlockChainBank

make a proper web application flesh out the miner program so that it can continue to store block chain when offline

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