Not many people understand Cryptocurrencies - let alone the underlying technology behind most of them, the Blockchain. Using an immersive and friendly UI, we built a easy to understand, realtime visualization of the blockchain in VR space with the Oculus Rift.

How We Built It

The models in Unreal Engine, and blockchain data interfaced from API. In VR space, blockchain data is downloaded from our backend and updated in realtime.

Challenges we ran into

Pretty much everything (first time using every single piece of tech during this hackathon). In particular, dealing with the sheer size of the blockchain (~150GB) and being able to update new transactions in realtime were hard, given our limited computing power and storage space.

What we learned

Turns out learning to use a AAA game engine in 24hours is harder than it looks.

What's next for Blockchain VR

Integrate machine learning, big data, microtransactions, and release it as an ICO (!!!!!!)

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