Recently, I have been reading about different types of cryptocurrencies and how they could be the future of transactions. I am fascinated by the idea that a concept of currencies exists with greater adaptability, transactions, and security, that is not owned by anyone or anything. I believe that through transactions in cryptocurrencies, we can avoid frauds and corruption much easily as compared to our banking system right now. With all of UN's Sustainability Development Goals, financial and economical sustainability is essential, therefore transferring funds should be made more sustainable. The best way to do so is through Blockchain Software.

What it does

What the software does is compile records of transactions into blocks that goes through the software to reach its designated destinations, avoiding any risk of false withdrawal or leak. As more transactions are made and more blocks are formed, a blockchain is created which installs its digital records onto any computer a block has passed through.

How I built it

I programmed the software so it starts with an initial block with a value of 0. This is the first block, also known as the genesis block. The genesis block is assigned. The value is assigned in the block class along with any hashes. The block class is called to the main where the values for the hashes output themselves, presenting a record of the transaction without any alternations.

Challenges I ran into

As I only started programming and I am still an amateur, I was not able to make a complex algorithm within the blockchain. This is an amateur level software where the transactions must be inputted in the code itself and not externally. There is a way to use a scanner to allow input externally but it collides with the algorithm itself.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I was able to finish this. I understand that a blockchain is not easy to program, but I was still able to do it. I had issues calling the algorithm between the classes but I was able to work my way around it through the help of strings.

What I learned

I learned that to code, a clear and calm mindset is required. There were times when I was stuck and I was able to get around them by having a cool and open mind.

What's next for BlockChain- Sustainable Development Goals

I wish to add an input option for the blockchain that allows individuals to input their own transactions on demand. I believe that it is possible to do so with a bit more time and patience.

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