"Poetry like theater needs an audience. The audience needs good curators. The value poetry creates needs to be justly compensated. The small, exclusive, expensive, fragmented and often vanity-driven world of literary paper publishing doesn’t meet these needs. At the same time informational goods easily escape ownership rights on the existing internet. Blockchain tech could connect curators with poets and audience and establish automatic means of trade and compensation." Frederick Turner This is a quote from an established literary artist who thinks the literary world of classical IP-based publishing is ripe for disruption

What it does

We created a tool that allows literary artists to publish poems as Non Fungible Tokens. They can get directly compensated for their work from their readers without the interference of the complicated supply chain of the publishing world.

How I built it

We used UNIQX, which is a NFT marketplace which also offers tools that make it easy to create new types of NFT assets with custom UI/UX and smart contracts.

During the hackathon we created the asset smart contract; a new auction smart contract and all the UI components to interact with the smart contracts.

The project is live and deployed in the Ethereum Rinkeby test network

Challenges I ran into

Rinkeby network was very slow.

What's next for Blockchain Poetry Auction

We want to deploy on the production Ethereum network and make the project publicly accessible in the next week. Spread the word and get more authors onboard. Create more innovative token economic models for user participation in the curation process.

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