The team thought of identifying how to track and audit a product's trip through multiple parties. The team used a team member's experience in law enforcement to develop the blockchain.

What it does

A blockchain that tracks criminal evidence used for trials.

How we built it

We used Solidity for the blockchain and Angular for the front-end website.

Challenges we ran into

The team had a couple of external distractions, and a couple of members who did not have a lot of experience using Solidity. Also, a team member's computer does not cooperate well with different software, and a team member forgot to communicate about safeguarding certain assets. I had to apply the skills I practiced in a gamified Solidity program to a project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished a product without getting into intensive feuds. One of the team members can code Solidity without prior knowledge about the language.

What we learned

We learned about collaboration with different perspectives, embracing new ideas, and increasing patience and endurance .

What's next for Blockchain of Custody

Hopefully, the project will be used in a government's or law enforcement's system.

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