I have always been curious about blockchain and decentralized currencies. Recently a friend told me about blockchain being used to sell art, so I decided to build my own marketplace with a twist.

What it does

It allows the sale of digital assets using Ethereum. Sellers add a contract to the blockchain for others to send ETH in exchange for the asset they are selling. However, in my model, the seller only sets the initial price. If someone is willing to pay more than the current price, the higher price they paid becomes the new base price everyone after them must pay, increasing the exclusivity of the asset.

How I built it

I used go Ethereum (geth) to run the private blockchain, Solidity to write the code for the contract, and python to compile and deploy the contract as well as simulate some transactions on the blockchain. I did it all in terminal or the Atom IDE

Challenges I ran into

I knew little of the technical details of blockchain and was set on doing it in Python, which there does not appear to be as much support for as other languages. Many times I ran into APIs or tutorials being several versions behind the current, with much of what was in them deprecated.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I did it! It may not be entirely pretty, and due to its age it cannot handle many transactions before needing to be mined more and have the ETH distributed among the dummy accounts, but it works! and I learned a lot!

What I learned

So much! I learned about how blockchain works, not just on the surface but the ugly technical details too. I learned Python may not be the language of choice for blockchain work, at least with Ethereum, but Python is what I know, so I learned to make it work.

What's next for Blockchain Market

I'm too tired to think about it! It could be really cool to polish it up and release it onto the public blockchain and see if it takes off.

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