I wanted to build a pokemon style game that lets you generate various characters and then lets you capture and collect it. Various collectibles that can captured using blockchain tokens makes the game really fun and interesting.

This is achieved using Ethereum blockchain. I have used Solidity and Truffle for setting up the smart contracts.

What it does

This game lets you generate various possible combinations of Dinosaurs using a Dino Factory and then lets you capture and collect it using blockchain tokens.

How I built it

This game works on a Ethereum based blockchain. Solidity and Truffle are used to generate Smart contracts. I also used Ganache for test / Development and Metamask as a gateway for blockchain.

The server is built using node.js and Web3JS is used for the frontend. Twitter bootstrap UI framework is used.

Tech Specs

  • Ethereum blockchain
  • Truffle for adding Smart Contracts
  • Solidity for contract Implementattion
  • Web3 JS for frontend development
  • Metamask as Gateway to blockchain
  • Bootstrap frontend Framework
  • Lite server for deployment
  • Ganache for Test/ Develoment

Challenges I ran into

Dynamically generating various Dinos was difficult initially. This was later achieved using a smart contract for Dino factory.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of / What I learned

This project gave me a very good understanding of blockchain protocol and various smart contracts invovled. I was also able to learn advanced concepts in Solidity and truffle.

What's next for Blockchain Game - Dino Hunt

I want to build the UI to let the user customize the Dino generation. Also, allow various actions by Dino's like fight, play, procreate etc.

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