We have friends over at transportation industry and they keep complaining that they need to do constant status updates to their superiors. Their job is hard and important to the society, therefore we want to automate all those tedious tasks so they can focus on driving safely.

What it does

We built a native iOS app for fleet managers. The app lets the user see where each vehicle of their entire fleet is located and headed. They can also enter details and see how fast they're going and their path checkpoints. If the vehicle enters a road which requires payment, the user will also be notified about that.

How we built it

The app is built using native iOS SDK in Swift and uses Apple Maps to display the map and the fleet heading. We used sample data from the Fleetboard Innovation Team's website to compute the route speed and display details about the vehicles. Whenever the vehicle passes a gate checkpoint along the road, it broadcasts the message by making a blockchain transaction, which combined with sensor data, can be used to effectively track the trip progress. Blockchain will record the gate, the truck, and the payment slip. Once the trip is over, truck has stopped, payment happens.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge we ran into, is what exactly should be stored in the blockchain and what inside the application, as well as how to structure the data. Setting up backend for blockchain transactions also wasn't trivial and took us some time to get right. We also had to process the sample data provided by the Fleetboard Innovation Team and figure out how to use them effectively.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're mainly proud of having come with almost zero blockchain knowledge and leaving with a fully working native iOS app which sends ethereum transactions directly. We also managed to turn raw sensor data into an interactive working fleet management prototype in very little time.

What we learned

When we arrived in Berlin for the hackaton, we didn't have much implementation knowledge about blockchain. After this hackaton, we know how to configure ethereum testing environment, implement smart contracts as well as execute transactions from a remote client.

What's next for Blockchain Fleet Manager

We're looking forward submitting the app into the App Store after some polishing!

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