"Using blockchain to validate true love"

The whole idea is to use a proprietary frontend (dating website) on a free and open source backend (the blockchain) to form a peer-to-peer network dating service that can be easily usable and accessable on any device, be it a phone or computer.


  1. 'I found true love' -- user clicks button, proof of love/anonymous submission
  2. If both users do that, it gets saved on the blockchain anonymously
  3. Goes up to the blockchain as 1 credit (a heart)

The fact that they have found true love will go down as a transaction in the blockchain and that transaciton will be considered a tally. in other words, a creditblitiy will be made -- or a unit of crediblity -- IF our app finds true love.

The analytics gathered from the anonymous transactions can have the business model worked in with it.

High level understanding: My girlfriend asked me, 'how do I find you on your blockchain dating app?', so I said,

  1. swipe through people until you find me
  2. I get a notification that you liked me, and then I like you back
  3. Then you mark, 'yes' to 'I have found true love'
  4. I will do the same,
  5. and that pays for the dating service!

I hope that helps with understanding.

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