I believe blockchains have a lot more real world use cases than we currently see in those markets today.

What it does

This project takes commodities pricing & puts it into a smart contract. That live real world data can then be used to publish new products & services on blockchains.

How we built it

I used Chainlink Labs oracles that take live commodities pricing from 15 different sources. Then, I wrote a smart contract that delivered this data to the Ethereum blockchain.

Challenges we ran into

I hacked a commodities API that Chainlink actually uses to get their data, but that meant I also had to build my own oracle, & I did not have time this weekend to do that, but it interesting as a use case going forward.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Actually seeing it work!

What we learned

Learned that keeping the project scope very focused helped me focus since there was other side issues that got in the way. Those are battles for another day.

What's next for Blockchain Commodities

A separate commodities based oracle network & a stablecoin based on a basket of commodities. I've attached a link to that presentation in the links section. Any questions, let me know

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