Voting is a tedious task.The highest amount of controversies and corruptions are involved along this path. The latest trends of EVM (Electronic Voting Machine) hacking has taken over the ability to hold a clear and transparent election.

What it does

Using Blockchain to expedite counting & tallying and Secure Management of votes. Rather than waiting for days, the results can be displayed in seconds after close of Poll.

How I built it

Using Ganache for local development. React Js for web application and Solidity for writing smart contracts.

Challenges I ran into

Finding solutions when i encountered an error as the internet has very limited resources on blockchain development and version mismatch while deploying it in cloud.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project was the winner at the college level in Microsoft Codefundo++

What I learned

There is always a solution to a problem and think differently

What's next for Blockchain based Vote Casting

Mobile application as there is no framework developed yet.

Built With

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