The problem it solves

During this global pandemic, it has become necessary even for big industries to work from home. But all their works can't be done easily . If an employee wants a permission for a specific project he definitely needs to seek permission from higher position holders specially approval letter with signatures. So, we have developed a portal where four position holders- employee ,project lead, secretary and chairman will validate the viability and cost estimation of a project and then sanction approval letter to further initiate the project. The employee will seek permission from the project lead and the project lead will ask the secretary who in turn will seek approval from the chairman. The chairman is the highest rank holder. Once the chairman approves the project, the secretary will give approval to project lead who can then start working on the project with employees . The approval letter document is very significant and needs to maintain privacy. So it has been uploaded on ipfs network which provides the hash of the document which will be given to specific position holders. All the project requests that are created to the higher rank holders are happening in the form of transaction on the ethereum blockchain network. After the project approval, further tendering will be done on portal. The dynamic portal has the features where multiple bidders can bid on tenders and after the deadline one bidder will be selected.

Challenges we ran into

-Working with Angular -Developing a good UI -Smart contract of tendering was difficult -Integration of backend to frontend

Built With

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