Table 56

Inspiration A project inspired by the I-Semester developed in Campus Mexico City, Blockchain is a distributed databases that consists of blocks, designed in order to avoid the modifications in data using a seal that is linked to the previous block. Blockchain provides of a growing organized system information.

What it does A growing organized system information that provides medical reports for a patient or an organization with the security implemented by blockchain.

How we built it

The systems is conformed in 3 parts: 1) Blockchain Server. 2) Webpaged built in Ruby. 3) An Android App.

Challenges we ran into

Communication, new technologies, new concepts and architectures, teamwork

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The learning of new technologies, the capacity of thrusting in our teammates.

What we learned

The Experience, the new technologies, meeting new people, new abilities

What's next for "SEAS BlockChain"

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