This was the first mobile game I made. I finished development a while ago and hopefully it is still acceptable to this hackathon as it was the first mobile video game I made.


An original concept video game that blends the on-rails style of a game like Galaga with the block combining qualities of something like Tetris.

Itunes Description:

A brand new arcade shooter that takes seconds to learn and hours to master. See how high of a score you can get in this beautifully challenging game. All you have to do is make as many complete rows as you can by shooting up blocks before they fill the screen.

AppAdvice - If you like those games that you can just pick up and play with no tutorials, no learning curve, and no fuss, then BlockBye is it. Shoot the blocks to score big in this new arcade-style game. BlockBye has simple graphics in shades of blue, quirky background music, and arcade-like zapping sounds as you shoot. You will wish you could move that shooting block along the bottom faster, but that is what brings the challenge.

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