We've combined two problems that everyone of us in the team has already had: 1) After your 10th Uber of the day, how many times have you wondered: « what if I actually owned Uber stocks? » 2) At the end of every month, have you never wondered what would have happened if you had invested all this sleeping money, unused for months? That's how we came up with Blockbust!

What it does

Blockbust is a smartphone application that aggregates your different bank accounts, identify idle money and transaction patterns, and turns this data into personalized investment propositions. We give you insights about this portfolio, like expected returns and risk factors. When you've made your decision, our application allows you to finally make the investment in one single click.

How we built it

We sketched out a couple mock-ups of the application, itering out on a couple of customer interviews we've conducted at the early hours of the hackathon. We then split the work between our three tech profiles : front-end with Expo, one on Blackrock's API, one on Capital One's API. Finally, we setup a server and implemented the main functions in it. That was an ambitious goal because when we came to this Hackathon on Friday, none of us had any experience in front-end mobile application or back-end/server set up! Unfortunately, we met a major front-end breakdown and couldn't finalize a minimum viable demo.

Challenges we ran into

We faced a couple of big technical challenges : a) difficulties with Blackrock's API to understand why some functions wouldn't work (which even some blackrock team members couldn't explain) b) difficulties with building up an AWS EC2 server with Node.js. c) major breakdown with the framework Expo, which is used to build the mobile application (based on javascript).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Brainstorm: we managed to break down the great many APIs available into a couple that we would focus on. We managed to focus on the same project with viable hypothesis on customers after only 6hours of hackathon, which we didn't expect to achieve that fast.
  • Business: we conducted a couple very instructive customer interviews that helped us iterate on our initial mockups and sort out between different features we had in mind.
  • Resource mobilization: we're quite happy that we've managed to use as best as possible the help and the tools made available to us during that hackathon.

What we learned

  • Technical knowledge: react, setup an AWS server, managing different APIs.
  • Hackathon knowledge: for some of us it was the first hackathon, and we learnt how to work in great rush and excitment modes !
  • Team: we strengthened our friendship and our way to work together during that hackathon, which will be quite valuable to us in the future !

What's next for Blockbust

The first next step would be to solve the major breakdowns we've been issuing with front end, to have a viable demo to show. In the mean time, we will continue to implement the functions inside the back-end to have the MVP of 3 screens ready. Our growth hacking strategy then begins : marketing campaign, high incentives to download the app, settle partnerships with investment managing funds... We'd like to secure our first users by multiplying customer interviews before the MVP begins !

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