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Hackathon Prompt

Use blockchain technology to create the apps that will power the future of insurance, finance and digital assets.


We are tired of poorly managing our money, with the help of blockchain tech, we were quick to brainstorm this idea.

What it does

Most budgeting applications don't actually stop you from making unrecommended purchases. Our platform allows you to chat with an AI Financial Advisor over SMS on your mobile phone and actually enforce and manage your spending's.

How we built it

We used technologies such as Ethereum, Blockchain, Solidity, Ruby, and Javascript.

Challenges we ran into

Some tough challenges we ran to was deploying and calling functions on smart contracts. We ran into a lot of environment issue's with our computers and it took a huge chunk of time to work on our project. Another challenge we had was building an Amazon Web Scraper, we kept running into captcha validations that we could not complete over web scraping and that also consumed a lot of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud of developing a stable smart contract to store information. We're also proud of developing a great pitch before starting our development phase.

What we learned

We learned a little bit more about the structure of solidity contracts as well as SMS AI bots.

What's next for BlockBudget

We plan to continue innovating the AI, developing a more personalized budgeting system, linking to various billing accounts and services, Parent-To-Child digital allowance, and advanced web scraping for item prices to compliment our "Can i buy this?" feature.

We do plan on continuing this project post-hackathon, as we do believe in the potential success of this platform.

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