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What it does

BlockBuster is a cyber-physical security solution for securing time-series databases through the principles of Blockchain and Distributed Systems. This prototype focuses on tamper-proofing the centralized database of a sample Power/Energy System with six stages. It is common for Critical Infrastructures of a city to have these centralized databases which are prone to cyberattacks and modifications. This makes the task of forensic investigation about the attack quite intractable. BlockBuster solves this issue of data-tampering of this centralized 'historian' database by enforcing replication and immutability of data (and hence 'busts' the harmful effects of attacks on the valuable plant operation data). BlockBuster replicates data across storage nodes to verify and recover the data in case the database is tampered with after a cyber-attack takes place. BlockBuster also works with existing attack detection techniques and enhances the integrity and availability of security devices themselves so they can be used for useful forensics and reconnaisance. Future plans include adding a service like Torus to establish a blockchain-based access control thereby bringing confidentiality to BlockBuster. For the prototype, we use a private Ethereum account, but the design of the system is generic enough to scale across a full-fledged operational plant, smart home, hospital, or a city using permissioned or public Ethereum or other blockchain networks as well.

How I built it

Database – InFlux DB for time-series database Ethereum for Blockchain (Web3) Solidity for Smart Contract Truffle for deployment framework Ganache for testing/development Python / MQTT for data collection and communication Node.js express / React for Dashboard, Replication, Hash Generation

Laptop with 1 node, 6 database tables, Private Ethereum Blockchain | Will work on VMs… nodes Smart Contract stores hashes, reference (time, database ID, replicas) Replication – Round Robin storage

Challenges I ran into

Finding a useful enough idea that genuinely makes a good use of blockchain rather than using the technology for the sake of the hackathon. We lucked out into finding one after pivoting thrice and working on our original idea eventually :)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Excellent teamwork! Working overnight. Working with so many bleeding-edge technologies together, understanding the business side of these projects when deployed.

What I learned

Besides the tech stack, delegation of responsibility and enjoying the mini-hackathon within the hackathon.

What's next for BlockBuster

It's gonna be a hit! We plan to add Torus for login and access control and a few other plans we wish to pursue at our research center.

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