• Thoughts about secure package delivery

What it does

  • Tries to communicate from web app to a raspberry pi device and triggers the mail box

How I built it

  • We build it using Django, python incorporated with raspberry pi, and arduino

Challenges I ran into

  • Connecting pieces together
  • Bitwise encryption/decryption in python
  • Learning technologies

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We made a physical demo of how the lock box may work
  • We made a virtual demo of how the user interface may look like
  • We were able to learn many technologies
  • We were able to set and connect to the website via browser, and test encryption/decryption

What I learned

  • Various technologies
  • Teamwork

What's next for BlockBox

  • Connect everything together to get it working
  • More secure ways of encryption/decryption and communicating among devices

Team Backgrounds

  • David: CS major at UTSA
  • Tyler: CS major at UTSA
  • Jon: Cyber major at UTSA
  • Lopez: Cyber major at UTSA
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