we decided to make something that is easy and intuitive for people to use and learn with

What it does

Its a whiteboard, and it lets you draw your ideas out digitally.

How we built it

Blockstack, Node, React, and a whole lot of google.

Challenges we ran into

Making the server run cross ecosystems, and finding examples and refrences for Blockstack.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Full stack functionality. Integration with all the products we set out to connect with.

What we learned

How to quickly and easily interface an application with BlockBoards ecosystem, how to generate an application using react.js, and how to plan a full stack web application to be compartmentalized for a team.

What's next for BlockBoard

Blackboard will ultimately go online in the blockstack ecosystem. Providing users with the ability to work on multiple white boards and take them with them wherever they need. With elevated security and consistency as provided by Blockstack's Blockchain.

Special Thanks

-@Bitcmp -BitcampMentors -That one specific mentor, didn't catch your name, but you're a real one. -Isabella for the rad logo -parents, for our existences, thanks guys -and last but not last, Blockstack.

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