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Entry for Consensus Hackathon, May 11-12, 2019

The Idea

Crypto Art on the Blockchain. Artwork in general, and Crypto Artwork specifically, should be purchasable, accessible and traceable on the blockchain using an iOS app. We used Open Law, Quorum, Azure, Kaleido, MetaMask, Design Thinking, Node.js, and iOS

How It Works

We use ERC-721 Non-Fungible Tokens to represent specific pieces of physical artwork in the real world. Ethereum is used for buying and selling the artwork. Open Law is used to create a contract for the sale of the physical art that is connected to the smart contract that is used for the payment of the Ethereum. Open Law is a project that creates legal contracts that are integrated with smart contracts.

We created an iOS app for the iPhone and iPad to enable a user to buy and sell artwork.

How It Was Built

The five of us each focused on a component of the project. We then tested each other's work and connected it all together.

What We Learned from this Hackathon

We learned how to use Open Law on the Ethereum Blockchain to connect smart contracts with a real contract, how to mint ERC 721 Non-Fungible Tokens, how to use NFTs in Metamask, and how to do all of this with Quorum, Azure, and an iOS app, and we approached everything from a Design Thinking perspective.

What's next for BlockArt

We'll have fun at the Consensus Conference! Tune in soon for the future of this project!

Live Demos

Demo on You Tube

BlockArt User Interface

Web Site is Live!

Please do contact us directly if you can use or add to this project.


Released under the MIT License Copyright @ 2019 BlockArt

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