I have been playing video games all my life and can understand the value given to certain in-game items. However, in today's games, one cannot easily trade assets with other players. For example, once completing all challenges in Call of Duty and earning a very low supplied item, one cannot trade it to other players who love the item but don't have the time to unlock it. Or perhaps redo all the challenges and sell it to someone else.

What it does

Block Wars solves this problem. By having all in-game items as NFTs, players have true, full ownership of the items. They can buy, sell, trade or burn the NFTs for other ones. Another factor is eliminating the fees on gaming platforms such as steam and Apple play store by having a decentralized marketplace, in-game and on the secondary market.

How we built it

The game is built in Unity, heavily utilising Moralis' Metaverse SDK to gather data from the blockchain, process transactions and process winning payments in a gas-free experience for the user through cloud functions.

Challenges we ran into

Balancing between university lectures, studying and building this project for the hackathon

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of managing to introduce multiplayer gameplay.

What we learned

I learned a lot about game development and the gaming industry through this journey

What's next for Block Wars

I will be adding more in-game items such as emotes and camos. NFTs earned through challenges Improve tokenomics Introduce NFTs into the gaming world at scale.

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