The inspiration for this idea came from identifying that many travellers struggle with the need to pay cheaper rates for accommodation in advance, only to lose their funds if their plans inadvertently change. Travellers are unable to simply sell of their reservation to recoup some or all of their funds allowing them to make alternative arrangements. On the flip side Hotels are unable to capitalise on traveller plan changes where guests check out early or alternatively need to extend their stay.

What it does

Block Hotel enables hotels to tokenise their inventory and distribute this to the market. Travellers can then trade this inventory after purchase or they can use their NFTs for their stay. The

How we built it

The platform has been designed to use EOS blockchain leveraging it's high speed fee less transactions. The platform leverages some ecosystem partners such as Omni One for decentralized identity and Atomic Market for NFT resale.

Challenges we ran into

Some of the challenges we ran into were more to do with understanding the existing hotel industry landscape and service providers, due to the highly complicated structures that exist in the industry today.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We successfully developed a sound model for implementation on the EOS blockchain.

What we learned

There is a big opportunity to bring EOS and NFT based reservation management into the hotels space with potentially industry defining attributes.

What's next for Block Tel

We will be looking at how we can further develop the proof of concept and potentially role out an MVP in 2023 or earlier

Built With

  • atomic-market
  • business
  • defi
  • ipfs
  • nft
  • omni-one
  • process-design
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