1. Janet Cruz 45 years old, mother of 2 sons.

  2. Everett Coop Established in 1890. Cooperative Bank Located in MA


Small business owners -Improve family lifestyle. -Needs additional capital for buying an ingredient for Christmas products. -Has a bakery brand that is known as a unique style.

Cooperative banks -Become a leader in the market -Increase Revenues and profitability -Offer services with quality, security, and convenience -Alternative metrics for analyzing credit history

What it does

-Connect cooperatives to small business owners for micro-financing.

How I built it

  • It is a two-sided market with cooperatives and borrowers.
  • We used to build with Tezos.

Challenges I ran into

Janet (our persona) -Got rejected from 2 banks -Lack of capital -More competitors in the market.

Everett Coop (our persona) -Lack of presence and visibility -Need more borrowers to increase their performance

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • We are solving informality to formality.
  • Have two social impacts, solve Gender equality, Decent workplace

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