Block Safari

Block Safari is a multichain tracker able to monitor activities from a host of supported blockchains. Coinciding with ICON’s aim to be a blockchain ecosystem of blockchains, Block Safari has a number of commonplace tracker features found in many blockchain trackers that are brought together to be accessible by users on a single interface. Users are able to monitor: Transactions, txn hash, addresses, blocks, domain name. Validators, blocks, proposals, assets, NFT tracker, rich wallet. Basic information about a coin (powered by Coingecko): introduction, price, market cap, circulation supply, 24h volume,... Inflation, staking APR, gas tracker, news and update. …

With a simple click of a button, a user can change the tracker interface to display the same features and information of other independent blockchains such as Binance, Ethereum and Near. Thus, reducing the need to travel to multiple websites or using multiple trackers from multiple chains.

Motivation Inspiration

Our team was motivated to build a multichain redesign of the current ICON tracker due to the simplistic and uninspired current design of the ICON tracker. With ICON’s trajectory towards interoperability and the debut of their EVM compatible network, our team felt it impertinent to have a tracker that is able to match the growth of a scaling network focused on interoperability.

We introduce to you: Block Safari. Our solution to adding more interoperable-focused products to ICON’s ecosystem.

  • Brand new tracker with a clean and updated UI/UX design.
  • More new features found on other trackers but not found on ICON’s official tracker nor other ICON project trackers such as iconwatch and rhizome
  • More aligned to ICON’s mission of interoperability.
  • Comparable to other mainstream trackers.
  • Multichain support allows for the onboarding of users from other blockchains, not only ICON.

In addition to solving many of the frequently mentioned issues ICX holders face with the current tracker, such as its lack of UI/UX upgrades and limited functions, Block Safari serves as a solution to an RFP issued by ICON’s UG Sustainability group in collaboration with Devera.

What it does

The Block Safari all-in-one platform easily provides users with the following capabilities:

  • General information and marketcap details on multiple chains alt text

  • Statistics and history on prices (powered by Coingecko) alt text

  • News and update of chains alt text

  • Statistics and history transactions and biggest transactions alt text

  • Details of specified transaction/block alt text alt text

  • Display validators of blockchains (Name, role, voting power, vote, daily reward) alt text

  • Show proposals on blockchain (Voting) alt text

  • Track NFTs (Top NFT and NFT trade) alt text

  • Track rich wallets (whales wallets) and view asset portfolio alt text alt text

How we built it

  • Figma
  • Adobe

Challenges we ran into

This tracker was designed to be as powerful and competitive as leading trackers in the space. Our team conducted an elaborate and detailed market research analysis to study what features were the most useful for other independent blockchains and their trackers, analyze what features ICON’s current trackers lacked and evaluate what features should be introduced to our new tracker. Over 30 different trackers and dashboards were investigated and referenced.

From our research we chose numerous useful new features to be designed to fit the branding of ICON.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Creating a design that is able to be used by other independent chains but still feels intrinsically linked to ICON.
  • Cohesively adding numerous new functions and features to a tracker.
  • Creating a seamless experience for users to navigate through various blockchain data.

What's next for Block Safari

Our team hopes to finalize the web pages with an expanded team, seek developers to build the website and apply for CPS in order to make the Block Safari the go-to tracker for ICON and its many other associated independent partner chains.

Built With

  • adobe
  • figma
+ 10 more
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