My art My lazyness Teams vision

What it does

Generate peace of art by giving it voice orders like "show us some of your creative art" and her name is lumpy, she is bubbly and fun to talk to she generate the art and show us by motion how it transformed from the original to the final peace, we can ask her to stop anytime and it saves the results as jpg/png the final thingy is that we make the user experience the art by using the VR and be inside of the paint

How we built it

C#, XML, WPFVR, python

Challenges we ran into

we dont like python, we think its little dump and lazy :)

Accomplishments that we're proud of

making it in several houres, not that proud of it but still we will develop it to the stage we can say thats really ART

What we learned

we need to practice PYTHON :)

What's next for Block reveler

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