Inspired by the desire to rest easy, knowing that my crypto is safe.

What it does

Block Monitor watches the blockchain, monitoring your addresses for activity. If your balance changes, Block Monitor sends you a push notification to your mobile device.

How I built it

Front-end: React Native Back-end: NodeJS on AWS

Challenges I ran into

This integration was straightforward, thanks in large part to the helpful Discord channel and good documentation. For this integration, there were a few minor challenges. I look forward to some of the name verification services I have heard about being developed on Discord.

  • Decoding X-Addresses. This required installing some extra modules (buffer, assert) and a bit of trial and error to get working in React Native. Worth it though for the XRPL support.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Clean UX. We are happy with the UX, and how easy it is for users to import their crypto addresses using their PayID address. We were also impressed at how well the PayID brand colors match ours.
  • Simple integration. Thanks to the API docs and Discord support, this was a relatively quick integration which could add lots of value for our users.

What I learned

  • PayID is a simple, decentralized protocol that is easy to integrate for added user benefit.

What's next for Block Monitor

  • More partnerships and integrations

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