Suburban, and rural residential land is being under utilized for organic food production, while being subjected to harmful chemicals and wasteful water management.


Provide an easily producible & verifiable land leasing contract supported on the blockchain to build local gardening networks. The contract is also revocable if any issues arise. Both the Landlord and Renter are required to post margin, thereby signing the contract and initializing the lease. (The Renter must also post the entire rent up front which the Landlord can cash-out anytime.) Each party can also query the contract and see what the current balance is based on the cash flows determined at inception of the contract. Chainlink keepers is used to initiate the distribution of the funds accordingly after the contract ends.


  • Sally rents 0.3 acres of her 1 acre property to Joe for 6 months costing 3 Solana tokens. (~ $312 USD)
  • They went though the interactive webform together and came to an agreement on the specifics.
  • Joe will be allowed to grow kale, potatoes, and mint and physically work only on Monday’s and Friday’s will be providing his own water for the garden.
  • Joe will not be allowed to build any structures above 2 ft or use any pesticides or herbicides.
  • The timeline is 6 months specifically April 01 – October 01.
  • Sally has specified that the space can be left as is when the lease is up.
  • If all goes to plan she will receive 1.7 $ USD a day from Joe automatically via the smart contract.
  • (We came up with many scenarios of who should lose the margin and when, but currently the contract seeks to donate the margin if either voids before the harvest date which is agreed up during the contract signing. If there is a void after, the margin goes to the other party who did not void. A sample harvest day for example be the 150th day of a 200 day contract.)

Challenges we ran into

  • Finishing - Full disclosure, the main smart contract contracts/margin.sol is functional, but the web app is not.
  • Everything was cool on Remix... but embedding into a polished web app proved more time consuming that we had anticipated. Much respect for those whom did.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Made a smart contract that did roughly what we set out to do
  • Had some successful progress beginning to implement web3.js
  • Acquired base knowledge about blockchain

What's next for Block-Garden

  • Completing Unit Test coverage
  • Audit of the smart contract
  • See the true economics of the contract. Currently it's similar to a Callable Bond with continuous coupon payments. Finished and polished up and distributed to a local community near you.
  • Fix up the factory function and managing multiple contracts with chainlink
  • Finish testing Chainlink Keepers
  • Finish Web App -Add buttons for Funding, Voids, Cashouts, Balances, Multiple User End to End testing

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