This falling pixel game I played once and don't remember the name of. It was a last resort project.

What it does

This is a game where a block is falling. You are the black block, and you need to avoid the red blocks.

How I built it

I used SpriteKit and did all of the view setup programmatically.

Challenges I ran into

The top of the player block can collide with the red block without the game ending. It shouldn't do this but I'm not really sure how to fix it.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This project was kind of last minute, so I am proud that I made it work within a short period of time. The original app idea was more difficult because it required programmatically adding items to a table view, which was incredibly challenging.

What I learned

I learned more from the failed app design, the most important being that XCode's Interface Builder is probably the best thing to ever happen to mobile development.

What's next for Block Dodger

I'm going to make the game end when the top of the player block touches the red block, then I'm going to go back to the original app idea and make it work.

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