💡 Inspiration

Due to the pandemic, many people couldn't watch or participate in sports such as basketball. As we approach a post-pandemic world, people will be looking for ways to reconnect with their community. Hence, the creation of Block City.

🤔 What it does

Get some friends together and form a b-ball team! Block City is an app that allows team captains to register their teams and compete against others to gain points and level up. This app will…

  • Increase the interaction among local teams
  • Contribute to the popularity for the sport
  • Help players practice during the off-season

How does it work?

Users can search for teams to compete against based on their location. Once they find a team, Block City will suggest a court where they can play and list when the court is least busy. From there, users can chat with the team’s captain and schedule a game. After the game, they can record the score through the app.

🔨 How we built it

The back end for this application was built with Django Rest Framework. All the data for teams and matches is recorded using 6 Django models. The API routes return JSON objects, which can then be used to render data on the front-end.

The front end was built with Figma and then converted to HTML, CSS, and JS.

😥 Challenges we ran into

  • Deploying the front-end (Figma) and back-end (Django) on two different servers and integrating them.
  • Debugging views which return JSON objects.
  • Being in 2 different time zones.

In addition, it was Abhigya’s first hackathon!

😎 Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Completing a working prototype.
  • Importing Figma into HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • Creating a Django project using just REST framework.
  • Learning how to collaborate and work as a team.

📚 What we learned

We learned how to…

  • Automate components on Figma like the registration form and search bar
  • Implement a separate back-end server

And so much more!

🌇 What's next for Block City

As of right now, the team captain is in charge of their team’s account. In the future, we would like for ALL players to be able to stay connected and in the loop. We also want to implement a real-time chat function instead of a prototype.

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