I have a passion for security related computer science fields, and learning new things about programming. I put these passions together to create an RFID lock mechanism using technology I had never used before to create a security related hack.

What it does

Allows you to either "unlock" a motor mechanism by using the appropriate RFID code, or set off an alarm if the code is wrong. Conceptually, the MySQL database created for it would provide the users accepted RFID codes to the arduino and allow them to use one singular card or chip for every device they require be locked, losing clutter and increasing security in the process.

How I built it

I used an Arduino Uno R3 and solderless breadboard to attach an RFID card reader, buzzer, and motor mechanism to the micro controller in a 3.5V and 5V circuit. Using Node.js and MySQL with several libraries I was able to create a running server for the Arduino to use to store and retrieve RFID codes.

Challenges I ran into

Overall I had very little experience in any of the platforms I used for the hack which made it harder to grasp at first, and slowed me down. I also had a large issue with the COM5 serial port Node.js and Arduino wanted to send information through at the same time, something that cannot happen while both programs are running.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud i managed to create a very well fleshed out hack that has a more practical purpose for the everyday person. being able to learn and use new concepts so quickly is the main reason I am proud of this hack.

What I learned

I learned almost everything I used with Node.js and Arduino, as well as in depth concepts about server management and hardware hacking with circuits, something I had never done before.

What's next for Block

The next step is to fix the serial port bug and make the Block servers fully functional and potentially WiFi connected for easier access to database information.

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