BlobQuest: Academic Adventures

A major challenge our group struggled with was with implementing gameplay under time constraint. We went for an ambitious goal of a complete game, but with lots of research about coding the physics, we were able to get it running, all inside a Chrome Extension. Making a Chrome extension was new to us and we were completely unfamiliar with the API when starting out. By then end, I feel confident continuing our work and given more time it can be completed very smoothly.

This idea was inspired by some of my previous game coding attempts. I'd always been fascinated by coding graphics, especially interactive applications. I have moderate experience with graphics using HTML5 canvas and Javascript, which I've made simple games before with.

However, our group had many more ideas before settling on this design. We'd been back-and-forth about how this game should help students. Our initial goal was to make a game assisting students in remembering tasks and homework. However, we decided that a study tool is more interactive and would be something we would all use personally.

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