Getting a personalized experience is always fun. Clicking through a museums website can be the opposite of that. We remember spending hours on random "quizzes" or "personality tests" on the internet and think that this could also be applied in the context of museums and give users a fun and interactive way of getting to know exhibitions.

What it does

Our project provides a website based on the dummy of the "Academy" module of museum x.o. On this website we provide a tool that allows users to create interactive quizzes. Visitors of the site can then do these quizzes and will be provided with a custom result. These results can lead the user to explore parts of the museum that the user now has a personal relationship with.

How we built it

We used TypeScript and React to build the entire web app. As build tools we used npm and webpack with Babel. We also host the code under that runs the application for demonstration purposes.

Challenges we ran into

Since we didn't get any API or base to build on, we had to build a complete website that is similar to the dummy provided. Nevertheless we put effort into building a modular structure that can be reused or built opon.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The thing we're most proud of is our work ethic. The way we worked together was perfect. We have split the work load equally and complemented each other. Each member gave it their all and we are satisfied with the result.

What's next for BLM Acedemy Quiz

We would be excited if our tool - or a modfied version - is at some point accessible to users in any of BLM's projects.

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