What it does

Are you a PR manager looking for information about the public opinion surrounding your client? Maybe you're a market strategist wondering about the public's reception of your recent product release. Or, perhaps, you're just dead bored. If you are any one of these people, then BlitzFeed is for you!

BlitzFeed is a web application that lets you take a quick peek into the public opinion surrounding a topic, product, or person. It takes the form of a minimalist search engine that lets you search whatever it is you are interested in and then lets you know about the public opinion surrounding it through social media analytics.

How we built it

The secret of BlitzFeed is its use of the IBM Watson supercomputer. Using IBM Watson's Tone Analyzer API, BlitzFeed is able to interpret the tone of tweets regarding a topic and give the user a peek into the public's opinion.

Challenges we ran into

We really faced it all this time around. As a group, we faced the struggle of having to manage an ambitious project that involved the use of many tools, languages, and APIs that we never touched before, not to mention the fact that we were using the IBM Watson Tone Analyzer for a lot of the heavy lifting, which is still in the experimental stages itself.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Despite the never-ending struggles surrounding this project, in the end, we came through, and that's enough for us to be proud. (y)

What We learned

A heck ton more than we ever expected.

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