After learning what speed reading is, we realized that it could be a great way for people to accelerate their language learning skills beyond simple word memorization.

How it works

The user selects the language they interested in practicing, and immediately up-to-date news headlines in their selected language will flash across the screen. From there, users are free to modify the speed in which they read. Users are also able to note down words they do not know which are displayed in a word-bank below. Translation is coded but due to a glitch, it is currently not working.

Challenges I ran into

We are complete newbies to web development. It was difficult to grasp how to even utilize a JavaScript code in our HTML files. Thanks to the great tutelage from the Linode Sponsors, we studied Flask (Python), JavaScript, ASP, and JQuery (all technologies completely new to us, yet critical to our project).

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud to present BLITZfeed as a working and beneficial project that is sure to help students across the world gain reading comprehension and agility. We are also proud to have stayed fully hydrated for the duration of the event. (due to all the discussion).

What I learned

We learned not to be afraid of things we don't understand. Undertaking a web project was difficult for novices like us, but optimistically meeting them made us stronger and more successful than we would have been without.

What's next for BLITZfeed

Updated GUI, performance tracking features, and more languages to practice! There is never enough to learn.

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