People experience great relief most times whenever they share there feelings with people who barely know much about them, Its believed that whatever they say to cheer them up is not biased (by closeness or relationship) and it exposes the truth for them to conquer or appreciate their feelings. Surprisingly, from a little research done, we discovered this to be true. Some social networks like facebook already offer mood and feeling postings to friends and family, but what makes the BlissApp different is its UNBIASNESS in cheering. So, to completely reduce biasness the idea of hiding ones identity (sex, full name etc) came up –

"I wouldn't want someone cheering me up with sweet words, hiding certain truth because he discovered I am a girl."
The BlissApp simply connects your cheer to certain individuals at random around the world, based on some algorithm. And at least one of those cheers can put a smile on your face.


The Art of living foundation (AOLF) so much inspired the development of this app. All they believe in and their cause has given us enough reasons to believe in the world’s happiness. And help spread this with others through the app.
Finding bliss in nature is divine. The idea of “How could we bring nature into the app, closer to users?” This was achieved by the display of natural color transitions that clearly represent mood swings.

Target users

The app is open to everyone in the world of all ages especially those interested in making the world a happy place.

Key features

Of all aspect of the app, the most fascinating of them is the ability of users to get cheers from people they don’t really know, this gives the sense of acceptance and peace that someone out there cares about you. While cheering, you could select and add inspirational quotes from famous personalities, all from BlissApp's database. Also, it has been designed with a "FeelBoard" that gives the right information to the user or his/her therapist to help monitor - Happiness progress for a better lifestyle.


You can download the Android app from Google play

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