Our team was inspired by the opportunity BMW has given the developers at Hack the Planet. We thought that the chance to be invited to Munich and pitch our idea to the executives at BMW Motorrad HQ was inspiring and reminded us how far little ideas at hackathons can go.

How it works

Blyp is a native android app that aggregates all the best and popular routes around a user's location. Users can see a feed of well-known or popular routes around their area or create their own to share with others. Popularity is defined by the tight-knit rider community on Blyp who leave their own star-rating as well as their own review of the route, indicating points of interest and points that may be dangerous to the rider. Custom markers can be added to a route by users in the community defining these points of interest.

Challenges I ran into

The challenges we ran into include integrating our backend system with our android frontend. We worked on each component in two separate threads of development and the integration proved to take much longer than we expected.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of the fact that we hit the requirements that we have spec'd out for the project. Features such as outlining the routes with custom markers from other users, seeing a feed of customer feedback, tweeting about your most recent adventures, etc.

What I learned

We learned that having clear designs and mockups that you can present to a team is instrumental to everyone being on the same page and understanding exactly what the app needs to accomplish. We also learned that staying within our scope and not spreading ourselves too thin with multiple features is key to staying focused and finishing at hackathons.

What's next for Blyp

Blyp aims to continue with the vision of bringing the community together. For early adoption, we want to add incentives that make riders want to be out there on the road. This is in the form of challenges that riders can participate in and earn tangible rewards ranging from motorcycle products and services. This also opens up the opportunity for a different ad platform for motorcycle companies.

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