We in Babashnik team tried to find new way to use our body in Virtual Reality. We used our hands, legs, head... But we newer used our eyes.

So... Today, in our time technical progress and inovations in VR goes too fast and we can't blink anough fast to watch it. We are seriously!)

Most VR users forget to blink because they are very involved in game. It can make a lot of problems, like fatiguability of eyes.

Can we solve it? Yes! Let's force users to Blink their eyes.

What it does

It seems like new view of Google Cardboard. (or like strange black box with wires and leds :) )

How we built it

We built our special vr-box with some extra elements. By photo-resistor we receiving reflected by opened eye ray from low density IR-led and by using Arduino Leonardo we process sensors data. Finally we can emulate PC Keyboard and receive Key Press in any application. (For example, in our simplest game) :)

What we learned

Nobody in our team has knew Unity and only one of us has could write for Arduino. And now All of us can do everything. It' like a indie-game.

What's next for BlinkUs

In a time perspective we want to rewrite base algorithm, make more demos or standalong games using BlinkUs and provide it for the world.

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