BlinkPlay - BlinkSky in Game Development

Problem Statement

Being an Amateur Game Developer, We wanted to get a better Player engagements in our games while still being profitable.

What it does

Provides a cool interface for customizing and Integrating BlinkSky into Game Development.

How we built it

The solution consists of the Flask server which is to simulate the Game Server. It contains the basic modules for player information along with basic transactions and purchasing of GiftCards.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the Codes for different types of Gift Cards that are supported by BlinkSky.

What we learned

We learnt how easy BlinkSky is to use for creating Digital gift cards and how much Digital Gift cards can be useful in the Gaming industry where people don't typically interact Physically.

What's next for BlinkPlay

  • Developing a more user friendly Store interface.
  • Trying out more examples and making a XR Demo for the store.
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